Our mission is to help people Believe and get through hard times!

January 4th, 2015

There are times in all of our lives where we need to be Believe and be Brave, whether for ourselves, for our family, for our friends, or even for a complete stranger. Vie L’amour™Awareness Collection is more than just something to wear on your wrist. They are a symbol of hope, strength and courage. They are designed to help you Believe and be Brave in the toughest of times.

Vie L’amour™ Awareness Collection is not a non-profit organization. We are a for-profit company with giving at our core. We believe in transparency. We believe in making a difference. We want you to feel good about your purchase. We want you to know, when you look down at your wrist, that 10% was donated to your cause. We want you to know that you helped make a difference.

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Thank you for your continuous support. We are Braver together than we are alone. Share you story with us.




I Am Art

December 10th, 2013

Sean and Aliyyah

I am the one-women show at Vie L’amour, where I design, photograph, model, live, and breathe accessories. I operate at my home where my family keeps me company. My husband Sean helps me make tough business decisions, being my source of sanity, accountant and male model. Madison brings much inspiration from the simplest gestures. Hence, keeping designs simple and meaningful with a powerful message.

Madison Ariel

I started making jewelry in my college apartment and it soon became an addiction. Ironically, earning Bachelors in Chemistry and Masters in Biology solidified what I really wanted to do; be my own boss. I figured owning a business would give me the opportunity to do what inspired me. I didn’t realize that owning a business is a 24/7 commitment.

I am an Artist by nature and Scientist by discipline, so my business is the fusion of my personal artistic, aesthetic, and scientific principles I adopted throughout education. My designs are inspired by fashion and life in general.

I design by gathering beads, findings and the layout. The sizing is standardized so I use every inch of material I work with. Once a piece is ready, I take a brief moment to feel like a proud mom before giving it a final hug goodbye, and then packaging it to be shipped away to a loving new home.

I believe that a great shopping experience is very much like a great dining experience; you want a delicious product made from high-quality ingredients presented with high-quality service. I run my business so that my customers love my designs and come back because of my customer service.

I’m proud to say I am a craftswoman with a strong foundation in science. I feel fortunate that I can do what I love every single day (including weekends!).

~Aliyyah B.



Check out Vie L’amour™ Vending at Sneaker CON NYC

December 3rd, 2013

Vie L’amour™  had the opportunity to be a vendor at SneakerCON NYC on Saturday November 23rd. It’s safe to say we made great connections and met really cool people. We are happy you found something wonderful to assist in your personal growth and empowerment, something that can be worn as a constant reminder. We are dedicated to helping you style while you create and live a life you love!

Vie L’amour™ truly appreciates the chance to offer you our products and we are confident that you will be pleased.

Check out some of our supporters!

Dafina Zeqiri and Atika Khalid from Europe

Melissa, Elizabeth, Daniel

Additional photos can be viewed here

Thank you for being our valued customers. We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your accessory needs. Forever, Style Outside. Love Inside™

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow”
~Melody Beattie

With many thanks,
Aliyyah B.


Check out Vie L’amour™ Vending at Sneaker Con DC

November 16th, 2013

We had the honor to be a vendor at Sneaker Con DC September 21, 2013 which is the premier traveling event for sneaker connoisseurs to buy, sell, and trade some of the most sought after footwear on the market. Vie L’amour added a twist to the traveling event by being the only jewelry brand to have bracelets to match sneakers, fashionable jewelry and promote the awareness line which supports Breast Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease. We offer products that can be worn from a sneakerhead to business casual man/woman.

We look forward to Sneaker Con NYC November 23, 2013. See details below.

Sneaker Con NYC
Basketball City
299 South Street
New York, NY 10002


Why Buy Vie L’amour™ Handmade Jewelry?

February 11th, 2013

Handmade jewelry is the best way to get something personal, delicate, and high quality.  We will ensure that quality is evident because our personal reputation is at stake. Knowing what materials you are paying for ensures that the piece will have the finest and purest metals.  This is what makes our handmade pieces the top choice for special occasions that will last a lifetime. Each piece contains a unique logo bead that is hypoallergenic and crafted with the best silver and gold plated material.

Mass produced jewelry items are made in a hurry with the only purpose of making a profit for the manufacturers, because of this quality is often sacrificed. They do not reflect the creator’s thoughts and visions, as mass produced products are often seen sported by mass amounts of people.  Our handcrafted products are not only stylish they are exclusive.

To make a handcrafted jewelry piece it takes a lot of designing, planning, skill, talent and care. These essential elements are what make the craftsperson’s jewelry different from the mass produced ones. Unique handmade jewelry pieces become the designer’s reflections of their soul as these creations of jewelry become the pride of life for the its designer. Vie L’amour™ gives you inspiration behind each piece to remind you to keep striving on life’s journey. The compliments and enjoyment of people for his/her unique jewelry pieces becomes the main push to create even better and more unique jewelry designs. Patterns and designs become fundamental and timeless with each creation.

Our handmade jewelry reflects a look more expensive than the actual price. This is one of the key reasons for our up and coming success.


Vie L’amour™ is finally here!

December 14th, 2012


Vie L’amour™ is finally here!  As a kid I always loved arts and crafts.  It all began the spring of 2005, my sophomore year, at North Carolina A&T State University.  I needed something to ease my mind while pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry.  As you can imagine I was often stressed with studying for numerous exams.  So I started something that always lived within me, a passion for designing trend-setting jewelry.

My style has always been preppy/causal, simple, but loved to accessorize. I always loved accessories; scarfs, hats, belts, and of course jewelry. I wanted pieces that were unique but reminded me of something positive. No matter how much I shopped online, no matter how many jewelry stores I went to, I never found that. Initially I started by making pieces for family and friends. After the positive feedback it was clear that my “hobby” was a way that I could leave my mark.  But I decided to put it on hold to get my M.S. in Biology.

After not finding a job within a year since graduation, like most college graduates these days, I needed a break from applying to jobs.  I needed an outlet.  It worked out in my favor because it gave me the opportunity to stay home with my beautiful daughter Madison Ariel; and think about something I put on hold that was still inside of me.  You can’t deter God’s plan.  Looking at my daughter reach each milestone of life was amazing, and made me appreciate life even more.  That’s when Vie L’amour™ came on the scene with a meaning other than just designing.

Each piece is well thought out and handcrafted with the best material. The company’s goal is to inspire everyone we come in contact with.  I was seeking pieces that reminded me of something positive while being the latest fashion style. Inspiring others, supporting awareness, and making people aware of what’s going on in today’s society is dear to my heart.  Vie L’amour™, which in French means love life, is the foundation of the brand’s style.  Love on the inside.  All designs have a different color, shape, and/or texture of bead in the middle (which represents love).

Our plan is not to flood the market; we want to stay exclusive and limited for that loyal relationship with our believers.  As our demand increases, we will produce a balanced supply in which our movement and brand will hopefully grow strong and stick around for years to come. Vie L’amour™ will stand as the root for many other business ventures involving the movement and lifestyle we represent.

Thank you for your continuous support and I hope Vie L’amour™ represent you toward your greatest potential.

Aliyyah B.